Pet Care Services in NW San Antonio, TX

Policies & Important Info

Policies: We provide all our clients established policies to insure services provided meet or exceed legal requirements and government regulations. Please take time to read these policies and feel free to contact us if you have questions. Please note: these policies are subject to change without notice with the intent to improve our services and comply with legal/regulatory requirements.

Gratuities: If you are happy with our pet sitting service, gratuities are not required, but greatly appreciated.

Pet Immunizations: All pets who require outdoor walks, beyond their own yard space, must show proof of rabies vaccination with a tag on their collar. Clients are responsible for keeping their pets’ immunizations up to date at all times.

Pet ID: Pets who will be outdoors during a visit must wear a collar with an ID tag with updated contact information.

Pet Safety: The client shall supply all necessary safety equipment and/or supplies needed for the care of their pet(s), such as harness, collar, leash, baby gates, etc. Unsupervised pets who live outdoors or have access via a doggy door absolves K-9 Nannies of San Antonio of any injuries, disappearance, death or fines. Clients are responsible for a safe home & yard to include security fences, gates and latches.

Emergencies, Pet Illness or Death: If an emergency arises, for whatever reason or unforeseen circumstances, and we cannot complete a scheduled visit, the client will be contacted as soon as possible to make other arrangements with client’s back-up contact. In case of a pet’s illness or death, K-9 Nannies of San Antonio will contact the client immediately and transport the pet to the client’s veterinarian for treatment. If the veterinarian is not available or is too far away for the pet’s condition to withstand, the pet will be taken to the nearest pet emergency veterinarian.

Alternative Pet Sitter: If our schedule is booked or we are unable to accept an assignment, we will attempt to refer clients to a qualified replacement sitter.

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